Memoirs as Motivational Tools: Learning from Personal Narratives

motivational memoirs

Authors write for many reasons – to inform, entertain, enlighten something, encourage, show what they learned in their lives, and find what they know about life. Among these major reasons, the significant reason to write something is to discover who they are and what they want to reflect from their personal experiences. Mainly, our life events make us what we really are, or you may say that our personalities are shaped by the different incidents we experience throughout our journey.

From an author’s point of view, their writing makes them perfect because their writing makes them aware about themselves, and in this process, memoir writing plays a central role in making this journey memorable. Memoir books are basically linked with the journey of self-discovery, in which writers present their personal narratives and the facts that life has thrown at them.

This blog will help you understand the importance of memoirs and their core strength in the literary landscape.

What are Memoirs?

Memoirs are factual stories written with various reasons for the readers; however, they heavily lean on the entertainment value. As you can’t write your story or a section of your life just for enlightening some moral lessons, these books should have something like engaging factors or entertainment for readers’ attention.

In general, memoirs are nonfiction narratives based on the author’s personal memories; however, all the assertions in this sort of writing are thus understood to be factual. Closely related, memoirs are often misinterpreted by many of us due to their resemblance with autobiographies. It’s a typical record or history composed of personal observations of the author.

In memoirs, authors reflect upon a specific time period; however, these are also said to be the written accounts of a person’s life that are written by the same person, reflecting upon a string of themed occurrences throughout his life. Most often, authors highlight their thoughts and emotions related to a particular period or event while writing a memoir. In comparison to autobiographies, memoirs are well-written and emotional while having a subjective point of view, with a great emphasis on the author’s individual experiences and considerations.

Example of a Memoir – “Never Underestimate a Dreamer” by Fred Engh, One of the Best Memoirs

In the list of motivational memoirs, “Never Underestimate a Dreamer” by Fred Engh cannot be ignored because it is based on the true story of Ted Zeng, the author’s nickname. As one of the best memoirs, this book describes the lifelong ambition of Ted Zeng to be a famous football coach. Initially, he just dreams of becoming a coach but doesn’t put so much effort into actualizing his dream.

It is not wrong to say that this is one of the best motivational memoirs, as it contains many factors of motivation for youngsters. The lesson we can take from this best memoir is that we can practically attain anything or any ambition if our heart believes what our mind conceives. With an interesting approach to life, Fred Engh creates suspense by not letting readers know that he’s the actual person, Ted Zeng, who pursued his dreams and changed them into a factual reality.

With every word used in this book on every page, readers will feel involved in the story and encouraged to take a break from their ordinary lives and live their dreams. This story is the best representation in terms of reflecting that not all dreamers are failures because there are many out there who come out of their shells and achieve what they wish for. The narration of the story is very simple and smooth, but you have to appreciate Fred’s ability to keep it a secret until the very end that this story belongs to him. Fred Engh is the man who successfully fulfills his dream of becoming a football coach.

Never Underestimate a Dreamer” can be seen as a motivation as well as an inspirational memoir that strongly highlights the importance of believing in your gut power. It is because life can give you a chance anytime, anywhere, so just keep dreaming and believing in your inner strengths.

Inspirational Aspects of the Memoirs

Best motivational memoirs always contain inspirational aspects to engage readers; nevertheless, good memoirs have the capacity to resonate with any sort of reader because preferences among readers differ. Some engaging, inspirational aspects of the best memoirs include:

The Ability to Overcome Adversity: Most of the time, memoirs highlight the author’s resilience and triumphs to make the readers understand that we can combat our challenges with our positivity and flexibility in different situations.

Personal Growth: By chronicling the author’s motivational journey, good memoirs encourage readers to focus on their personal growth.

Courage and Determination: Authors also showcase their courage and determination in their personal narratives, as shown in their memoirs.

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Main Purpose of a Memoir

Writers choose this style of writing with the purpose of sharing of sharing their personal experiences, insights, and lessons learned from life. In almost all memoirs, authors keep their interest with motivation; however, they also want to share something unique from their individual lives. Some authors adopt this memoir writing to leave a legacy behind while sharing their stories for future generations. Through educating, inspiring, and motivating readers, memoir writers connect with their readers through shared human experiences.

Indeed, memoirs are the best version of books in terms of reflecting upon some unique and transparent experiences from someone’s life. If you’re planning to have a read in this category of best motivational memoirs, don’t forget to get your hands on “Never Underestimate a Dreamer” by Fred Engh. It will definitely transform your way of viewing and perceiving things in life.

Be happy and enjoy!