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Never Underestimate A Dreamer

Never Underestimate A Dreamer

This book is a true story written as fiction. It tells the story of the author who has a dream and is not deterred by anyone or anything that might stand in the way of the dream.


Billy Jones’s Father

Billy Jones’s Father is a true story written in contemporary fiction. The stories written within are testaments to the verbal, emotional and psychological abusive events which Billy Jones endured from his father, Scotty Jones, and people like him.

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You Gotta Kidding Me!

To say that Fred Engh’s life is unique is an understatement of significant magnitude. As an example, he has written and published four books: written and produced music; is a member of his college’s hall of fame;

America's Top 30 Idioms and Their Origins:

America's Top 30 Idioms And Their Origin

Let me bounce something off you. I heard it through the grapevine that there are over 25,000 idioms in the English language. That’s straight from the horse’s mouth.


Pinot And Rupert

From their earliest days, children need to learn the value of “getting along.” The story of Pinot and Rupert helps bring that awareness through the eyes of artist Juan Montoya. A must read book for children of all ages.

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Those Damn Parents

You know them …those sports parents who berate, humiliate, and emotionally scar children through their abhorrent behavior.   This book is designed to bring awareness to the issue and help put an end to this ugly behavior. 
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Matchsticks: An Education In Black And White

The year was 1961, a year marking the start of the racial unrest that would last throughout the decade. Living in a trailer camp in Maryland with his wife and children, Fred Engh’s future seemed bleak

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5 In The Corner

This book is a fictional reoccurrence of two travelers who stumble on meeting five strangers in a bar. Their life changes after hearing tales of the stranger’s past and conversations of intrigue. In the end they become involved in a revenge murder.

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Never The Twain Shall Meet

In a racially divided area in 1961,a White student risks losing family and friends and enrolls in an all-Black college. An unlikely friendship transpires
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They're Almost Gone

The author has captured the raw feeling of life during the tumultuous years of WWII. From his childhood experiences, stories about young men and women